Payabaf, Payaneh, Payapoud Sanj factories group are among the most successful and effective active textile collections in Iran, and we will continue to mention the companies of Payabaf group.

About PayaBaf

Payabaf Company has a well-known name in textiles and especially in the production of binding fabrics. Has been

It should be noted that in the near future, the company’s export development plan for the Americas, such as South America and Canada, is also intended for target markets.

Payanakh Company

Using the latest texturing machines from Bargam, Payanakh Company is able to produce various types of polyester yarns, which are the main consumption of textile, and also due to its self-sufficiency in preparing raw materials, the price of its finished products is very competitive in the domestic market. And international.

Payapoud Company

Payapodense Company is the newest production unit set up by the Genesis family, which, despite having a short history due to its management tactics and having qualified and experienced personnel, using the latest technology in the world and utilizing domestic and foreign sub-specialized forces, has successfully introduced itself. It has become one of the exemplary units in the field of textile fabrics and has been able to travel for several years in a short period of time.

This company will now be able to satisfy any taste and desire of your loved ones by using the latest jacquard, simple, airjet and dubbing machines.

Paya Textile Factories Group, with the aim of presenting exclusive designs and benefiting from experienced, creative and committed designers, succeeded in producing unique products, along with special and new ideas in the field of patterned, simple and curtain fabrics. Tour, as well as clothing fabrics is one of the largest suppliers in the market. Constantly increasing the number of machines and updating them, as well as the variety of products, is a steady step towards the improvement of this original industry.

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